Plainfield dogs released months after vicious mauling

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PLAINFIELD--Four of six dogs seized after a vicious attack on a Plainfield home healthcare worker have been returned to their home.

Two male Rottweilers remain at the Plainfield Animal Shelter and are expected to be put down at some point.

Plainfield Police confirm that they were involved in the decision to release three other Rottweilers and an old yellow Lab to their owners, Richard and Jenna Allen, after they paid a $420 quarantine fee.

Police seized the six dogs in December when at least the two male Rottweilers pounced on Lynne Denning, 58, causing serious injuries, including ripping off her nose and biting a big chunk of flesh out of her right shoulder.

Denning said she didn't expect any of the dogs to be released until a state Department of Agriculture hearing. She's most upset the dogs went back to the Allens.

"I would have liked to have seen if the four of them, not the two males, but the four females rehabilitated and re-homed separately," Denning said.

Police said the only terms associated with the release are that the dogs be licensed and up-to-date with their shots, as well as be fenced in.