Highway contractor to pay for damage to cars on New London-Groton bridge

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NEW LONDON — The state Department of Transportation says a highway contractor will compensate motorists for damage to their cars as a result of a highway lane opened before asphalt dried.

Agency spokesman Kevin Nursick says a subcontractor took responsibility for the mistake Monday on the Gold Star Memorial Bridge between Groton and New London.

Nursick said he is phoning motorists who have emailed the state agency. The subcontractor’s insurance company will compensate motorists with damaged cars. He said red tape will be minimal.

The $7 million pavement preservation project started months ago in the New London, Groton and Waterford areas.

Nursick said a quarter-inch of asphalt was applied to three lanes on the north side of the bridge. Two lanes dried, but the third was reopened before it was cured, leaving vehicles splattered.

You can contact the DOT here.