Staffing lifeguard chairs in the waning days of summer

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NEW HAVEN--Who says summer is winding down?

While the temperatures remain at scorchingly-high temperatures, the New Haven beaches remain full.

According to Bill Dixon, of the New Haven Parks and Recreation department, staffing lifeguard chairs may seem like a greater challenge than it is.

“We prepare for how we’re going to staff our beaches for the next two to three days," Dixon said.

There were six lifeguards at Light House Point Park Tuesday to man the beach and the splash pad.

But what happens when the college students have to return to campus. Is that a problem for staffing in august?

Bob Davis is the lifeguard coordinator for the department. He said, "When they start going back to school I start scheduling out availability. When we set the schedule in June, the first question I ask is: 'I need a commitment for the six weeks--then when that’s up.' I ask who’s still available.”

Another reason lifeguard staffing isn’t a problem at the end of the season? The city not only takes care of the beaches, but also the five city pools that are all run at local schools. Lifeguards from pools that are closed to prepare for school are reassigned to the beaches.

The staffing isn’t just a priority for the waning weeks of summer. They’re already looking to staff for next year, offering paid jobs for lifeguards.