Uber drops prices for Hartford County by 20%

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HARTFORD — Uber, the ride-hailing company, is dropping prices in Hartford County, and hopes to gain more customers.

“Uber understands the need for affordable, reliable, and safe transportation options in Hartford County, and we’re committed to providing them,” the company writes.

Here are how the new rates compare:

  • Base Fare: was $2.00, now $1.75
  • Per Mile: was $1.50, now $1.10
  • Per Minute: was $0.18, now $0.16
  • Minimum fare: was $5.00, now $5.00
  • Safe Ride fee: was $1.00, now $1.00

Uber listed two example fares along with their announcement. They said before it would cost you about $29 to ride from downtown Hartford to Bradley Airport. Now, that same ride should only cost about $22. They also said it would cost you about $22 to get from New Britain to the XL Center. Now, that same ride should only cost about $17.

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