West Hartford high schools unveil new logos after Native American controversy

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WEST HARTFORD -- A new school year, a new school logo.

Students at Conard and Hall High Schools in West Hartford will start class next week with new imagery.

Conard Chieftain's new logo is a "C" on a shield. The Hall Warriors new logo is an "H" and a "W" on a shield.

The change comes after many took offense to the use of the schools Native American images and connotations.

The issue began last fall at a soccer game when students began yelling anti-Semitic chants and that prompted school leaders to get involved.

A couple years ago Hall High School dropped its Indian head logo but continued to use Indian connotations; however, Conard hadn't dropped its Native American logo.

After many school meetings and community forums school board members decided in the spring to discontinue the use of all Native American mascots and imagery, though the schools could still keep their names, Conard Chieftains and Hall Warriors.

Over the summer school leaders met and agreed on a new logo; images will appear across campus and on all sporting attire.