Another truck becomes victim of low Massachusetts bridge

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WESTWOOD, Mass. — The East Street Bridge is well-known to people in the small town of Westwood, but apparently it’s not well known to truck drivers. That’s because trucks slam into the low-lying bridge frequently, and yet, it keeps happening.

The Boston Globe last reported a crash in June.  On Thursday, August 20, it happened again. You can see the food distribution truck ram into the bridge, bursting into pieces.

Despite lights and warnings signs, trucks continue to slam into the railroad bridge.

Police in Westwood tell The Globe one of the most memorable crashes was dubbed “Lobsterpocalypse” just about a year ago. The truck was carrying $100,000 worth of lobsters, smashed into the bridge, and caught fire.

The bridge is owned by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

Officers say they are called for crashes there about once a month. Often, they post video of the crashes on YouTube. In the clip below, you can see the moving truck take out the “low clearance” sign.