Ansonia police believe latest burglaries may be related ones from earlier in month

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ANSONIA – Police are investigating burglaries early Wednesday and Thursday and believe they are connected to others in the Hilltop area.

Police said a total of ten burglaries have happened in the area of Reservoir Drive, Farrell Drive, Martin Terrace and Birchwood Drive since August 6.

The burglaries are happening between 11:00 p.m. and 07:00 a.m. according to police.  A home on Farrell Drive was broken in to on Wednesday. Another on and Birchwood Drive was hit on Thursday. Both homes were occupied at the time but no one was injured or approached by the suspect.

Earlier in the week, the burglar was able to gain access to a home, but was scared away when the homeowner saw him. The second case was the attempted burglary, where police say the home’s interior windows were locked, keeping the burglar out.

Police said witnesses believe it the suspect is a man and remind residents to close and lock doors and windows. Anyone with information should call police at 203-735-1885.