Cold Case: Israel Rosado

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On May 19, 2004, Carmen Cologne, a resident of New York state, contacted the Bristol Police Department and said she feared her son, 20-year-old son, Israel Rosado, was missing.  Having not heard from him in six days, which was highly unusual, she became afraid that something that happened to him.

Bristol Police began an intense investigation, tracking his movements and whereabouts.  Rosado's girlfriend, whom he lived with at 19 Race St. in Bristol, claimed to have last seen him get in a car with someone she didn't know on May 13. That was the last time anyone saw him.

Earlier in the day on the 13, police learned that Israel appeared at his court appearance in Waterbury, and that he spoke with and paid his lawyer. After he got into the car with the unknown person, family, friends and police have no leads as to Israel's whereabouts.

Israel had a minor record, with charges for drug possession and dealing for marijuana. He was known to carry large amounts of cash between Bristol and New York City. The Bristol Police are suspicious that this could be a potential murder cause, as his cell phone records show that he used his cell phone heavily on a daily basis until May 13, the last day he was seen. Since then, no outgoing calls have been made.  Israel's body has never been found.

Eleven years have passed and the Bristol Police are still searching for answers. Someone had to have seen Israel or know someone who knows something. If you have any information you are urged to come forward.

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