Chocolatier provides shot of creativity in Essex

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ESSEX -- A small Essex chocolatier is trying to make a name for itself on the world stage by adding a shot of creativity.

The shop is called "Truffle Shots" because they offer 30 flavors of their decadent dessert one way: a shot glass.

"We take the ganache that you would normally see inside a chocolate shell and we pour that into a shot glass," said owner and Truffle Shots inventor Sherri Athay.

The Athays have patents pending on their chocolate shot concept, and the confectionery creation is starting to reap sweet rewards for Sherri and her husband Larry, who spend much of the week making and packing their chocolate for in-store sales and shipping across the country.

Truffle Shots recently won medals of excellence in the Americas competition of the International Chocolate Awards, which means the Sherri and Larry have been invited to the world finals in London this October.

"We're going to see some of the best in the world there and we are happy to be with them, " Larry said.

Sherri added, "We didn't set out to win any world championships, but we want this to be the best chocolate experience you will ever have."

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