Newington property manager replacing locks after apartment burglaries

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NEWINGTON -- The property manager of an apartment complex in Newington is responding to a string of burglaries by replacing all 70 units' locks.

Robert Udolf, manager of Udolf Properties, tells Fox CT police arrested at least one man holding master keys to the Maurette Manor Apartments on Friday night, after several reported burglaries at the complex on Willard Avenue. Victims reported no sign of forced entry at their apartments.

"You move into an apartment and you obviously know that someone else has your key and if they’re negligent with it, it could end up in somebody else’s hands. That’s a problem for me as a renter," said Evan Geltman, a tenant at Maurette Manor who is concerned about the burglaries.

Udolf says he's aware of up to seven recent burglaries. Tenants say they've heard police discussing more than a dozen at the complex since February. Fox CT has calls and e-mails in to the Newington Police Department to find out more about these burglaries, but has not heard back.

Udolf says he hired a Newington police officer to patrol the complex until the new locks arrive. Even still, tenants say they won't feel safe until those new keys are in their hands.

"In the meantime you have no idea when they’ll be back with their pass keys and let themselves into your apartment," said Steve Projansky, another tenant who's worried there may be more master keys out there.

Burglary victims tell Fox CT they had electronics and jewelry stolen. Udolf has offered to pay for the stolen items.