DMV says more people coming to offices, but transaction time shorter

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WETHERSFIELD –  While more people are in line at Motor Vehicles, they are spending less time when they finally reach the counter.

The Department of Motor Vehicles spokesperson Bill Seymour said an analysis of transaction times shows that employees are taking three minutes less processing each customer. At the same time, more customers are coming to offices to conduct business.

The department has come under fire for a variety of problems encountered as it replaced its aging computer system.

“Yesterday and today we are seeing an increase in the number of customers coming into branch offices compared to last week and a decrease in the time required to do a transaction… 4,199 customers on 8/18 compared to 4,390 on 8/25 and 18 minutes on average per transaction on 8/18 and about 15 minutes on average per transaction on 8/25,” said Seymour, in a statement.

Employees were able to go home at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, three hours earlier than the average of the week before, according to officials.

The DMV said some offices had problems printing documents for a short time, but it was resolved within 20 minutes.

About 5,000 people, or 32%, who showed up in person could have gone online to conduct their business.

To help ease the effects of the shutdown and bringing up a new system, as of August 11, officials said the expiration date of all driver’s licenses, ID cards or vehicle registrations will be extended through October 10, 2015, and renewals can be done without a late fee until that date.

On Tuesday, officials moved employees from photo license centers to help in the branch offices.