South Windsor votes for compromise to reopen popular Christmas tree farm

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Dzen Tree Farm

SOUTH WINDSOR – A popular Christmas tree farm forced to close last year will likely reopen this season. The Dzen Tree Farm in South Windsor reached a compromise with a subdivision developer and the homeowners in the development to build a new access road to the farm.

It involves a 2-acre land swap between the developer and the Dzen family, voted on unanimously by the South Windsor Planning and Zoning Commission after a four hour special meeting Tuesday night.

John Dzen, owner of Dzen Tree Farm, had originally planned on a compromise of 5.2 acres of land, and during the meeting reduced the amount to 3.8 acres. He says he’s not sure yet what this new 2 acre plan will look like for his farm.

“What was approved tonight was one of the commissioners with a sharp crayon who drew some lines. We really have to go back to the engineering stage and we have to firm up what it is they want and draw some lines and see what works and see what makes sense,” said Dzen.

In 2014, the farm closed for the season because the new subdivision on Blue Spruce Road blocked the old access road and public entrance to the farm.

Homeowners in that development spoke up at the public meeting worried about how close the new access road would be to their properties, though they said they supported the reopening of the farm.

They tell FOX CT they believe the 2 acre land swap is a fair compromise. Dzen says it’s not a perfect plan, but it should allow them to reopen.

Dzen said, “We’re going to try our very best. This creates a lot of challenge, a lot of loose ends. It solves our immediate concerns about building a driveway.”