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Bethel non-profit gets vets suited up to succeed

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BETHEL - After 5 years , Matt Bolton retired from the Navy, where he was an ordinance technician. In other words, he used to build bombs for aircraft.

And, yes, he really did travel the world.

“ Deployed 3 times around the world on an amphibious assault ship," Bolton said. "It was a good time.”

Now he’s on a new mission – deployed in college.

So what’s harder? Building bombs? Or building a career in the real world?

“ I don’t know," he said.  "That is the greatest question – they both have demands.”

Enter Save-A-Suit. The Bethel non-profit invites veterans to come in and get dressed . Literally.

“Our job here is to get them in a suit, get them feeling confident, and get them tips and tricks on how to make a great first impression," Said Jessica Ewud, with Save-A-Suit.  “Our goal is to get the veterans feeling confident.”

Thirty veterans from West Haven came in today and suited up. Thanks to donations it doesen’t cost them a dime.

“ We don’t want them going into a job interview with a disadvantage,” said Ewud.

When you’re suiting up a veteran from top to bottom, you have to hit everything – including the smile – and that’s why they also brought in the ‘mouth mobile’ from Aspen Dental – to give them a free dental checkup.

“ When they leave , they have a huge smile on their face,” she said.

They help close to 500 vets a year and in 4 ½ years they’ve helped thousands.

“To have these outlets to have people helping out, it means a lot," said Bolton.  "To show up in the workforce looking presentable. All because of someone’s gratious donations”

Leaving him with a better look , and outlook – for the work world ahead.

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