‘I have not taken a shower in over 12 years’ — Here’s what a chemical engineer suggests we try instead

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BOSTON — Forget the soap and bath gels! A Massachusetts company says spraying live bacteria on your skin is all you need to keep clean.

“I have not taken a shower in over 12 years,” Dave Whitlock said.

It may sound crazy — but Whitlock, a chemical engineer and MIT grad says he doesn’t miss bathing at all.

“No one did clinical trials on people taking showers every day. So what’s the basis for assuming that that is a healthy practice?” Whitlock said.

In fact, what Whitlock does believe is healthy is restoring good bacteria to our skin that our ancestors enjoyed long ago — bacteria that’s been slowly stripped away by excessive cleaning.

To prove his theory, Whitlock helped found “Aobiome,” a company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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