Mommy Minute: Food allergy-friendly treats can be decadent & delicious

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FAIRFIELD -- Kids with food allergies shouldn't be defined by what they eat.

ChickenNuggets"A lot of parents initially didn't want to have Lindsay for a playdate because it was scary," explains Kim Hall of North Stamford, whose daughter has severe reactions to trace amounts of dairy, egg and some nuts. "What we started to do was pack bags with all of her food in it and all of the children — no matter how many children were at that house on that playdate — would eat from that bag."

Hall and her friend, Elise Bates of Fairfield, founders of EAT — End Allergies Together — aim to raise awareness as kids head back to school. Food allergy-friendly treats are tasty, not cardboard-like snacks, and navigating a pal's allergy is do-able with knowledge, collaboration and — yes —- togetherness.EliseKimSarah

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EAT is hosting a fundraiser with leading scientists from around the country on November 7th in Stamford.  Email for information.