Man charged with shooting and killing wife in Norwich

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NORWICH - The Forestview Estates condominium complex is very quiet, according to residents. However, it was anything but on Monday night when police swarmed one of the condo units.

Norwich police received a call stating there had been an accidental shooting inside 6 Forestview Dr.

When they arrived, police and EMTs found Diana Hodgdon, 58, who was shot in the chest, she was pronounced dead a short time later.

After investigating, police arrested James Hodgdon, 56, and charge him with the murder of his wife.

Police said Hodgdon told them the couple had been arguing with his wife all day. He said he wanted to kill himself with a shotgun that was in the garage. While he was down there, he called his boss at Millstone Nuclear Plant and told him "If I don't show up at work" there were letters in his locker to be sent out to those addressed. Police said he also posted a goodbye on his Facebook page.

Hodgdon told police his wife came down stairs and fought with him, and he attempted to leave. He said he heard her slamming the shotgun to the ground and they struggled with the gun when it went off.

One resident of the complex, who would not give her name, said her sister had a "not so pleasant encounter," with Dianna Hodgdon, but the resident also noted that she never noticed any trouble between the couple.

Hodgdon, who appears to have no criminal history, was held on a $ 1 million bond when he was arraigned in Norwich Superior Court Tuesday.