Appeal to free Rottweilers in Plainfield attack continued

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HARTFORD - An appeal for freedom for two Rottweilers, still locked up at the Plainfield pound, will have to wait for another day.

The owners, Jenna and Richard Allen, hope to convince the Connecticut Department of Agriculture to release the dogs.

The Rottweilers, Phoenix and Malaki, are scheduled to be put down after Plainfield police determined they attacked Lynne Denning on December 3.

Denning was at the Allen's as a home healthcare worker when dogs pounced on her, ripping off her nose and causing other serious injuries.

Police originally seized six dogs, including three other Rottweilers, from the Allens' home, but animal control already returned those Rottweilers and an old lab to the Allen's.

Now they want the other two back.

"They have people who will take the dogs, if they can't get the dogs back personally, that will take the dogs, that are licensed to run kennels," the Allen's attorney, Anthony Spinella, said. "They just want to save the lives of these two dogs."

The appeal to return the two remaining Rottweilers was continued to Oct. 1 because attorneys for the town of Plainfield and Lynne Denning filed a motion to close the hearing to the public and therefore the press.