Bronin takes Hartford mayoral primary over incumbent Segarra

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HARTFORD - In the Hartford Democratic primary Wednesday,  voters chose the Democratic Party-endorsed candidate, Luke Bronin, over incumbent Mayor Pedro Segarra. Bronin addressed supporters just after 10 p.m. shortly after Segarra conceded the race.

"The three clear priorities are making our streets safer, strengthening our neighborhood schools and trying to bring jobs in for Hartford residents. I put some detailed plans out on how we need to do those things," Bronin said. "As Mayor and working with this council team, that’s what I plan to focus on every single day.”

When speaking to supporters of Mayor Pedro Segarra, Bronin said, “Our doors will be open. My door will be open. We are one city.”

Segarra said he is taking the night to think about whether or not he will run as an independent in the November election.

It was a difficult loss for Segarra, as just before 10 p.m., surrounded by his supporters who were cheering his name, he stood up and spoke about his loss.

After calling Bronin and conceding, he thanked supporters for going with him on what he called a difficult journey.

He also said his campaign succeeded in another way, saying they were up against a lot of money, against "machine power" and that they still came very close.

"It's been an intense week with the campaign, and I need to take some rest. I want to make good, rational-based decisions," he said. "That's going to require for me to rest a little bit, and then tomorrow, or shortly thereafter, I will be able to let you know what the next steps are."

Segarra grabbed 45 percent of the vote, to Bronin's 55 percent.

Segarra has held the city’s top spot for the last five years.

He was sworn into the position in 2010, when former mayor Eddie Perez resigned.

He then ran his own campaign in 2011, where he beat now State Representative Edwin Vargas.

Once his challenger, Vargas supported Segarra during his current campaign.