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Jamie Lee Curtis re-creates her mother’s famous ‘Psycho’ shower scene

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Jamie Lee Curtis gets her acting gene from parents Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. Leigh is best known for her role in Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic, "Psycho." To promote her new series, "Scream Qeens," Curtis recreated Leigh's famous shower scene in "Psycho," teasing it on Instagram

LOS ANGELES — Like mother, like daughter, even when it comes to a brutal scene of murder.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ career began with a horror movie, “Halloween,” in 1978.

It was almost kismet that she would be the star of that film, a slasher flick that owed so much to “Psycho” 18 years earlier. “Halloween” even had a character named Loomis, based on “Psycho’s” Sam Loomis.

That Hitchcock classic is best known for a scene in which a character played by Janet Leigh, is stabbed to death in a shower.

Curtis paid tribute to her mother’s iconic moment in an Instagram post on Tuesday, where she posed as Leigh’s character in the shower, holding up a photo of her mother in the scene for comparison.

The actress told her Instagram followers that the scene was being re-created in her new Fox series “Scream Queens.”