New Haven Knights of Columbus printing papal prayer book

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NEW HAVEN - They’re putting in a little overtime at the Knights of Columbus printing press in New Haven – with good reason.

“It is an honor to help 350,000 people pray with the Pope, get closer to God with the Pope, and to have something to take home and keep forever,” said Andrew Walther.

“It is a big challenge," said Richard Maloney on printing the papal mass book - 24 pages of songs, prayer, and holy scriptures. "You want to do be good. You want a good product, and it is a thrill to the people working here. They want to do this.”

It is the biggest job they have ever done and to make it more challenging, they didn’t get the job until last Friday.

Six different languages, full-color, and it has to be letter-perfect. Is that enough time to get these done before the Pope comes? After all – this is the Pope we’re talking about.

The printing goes through a lot of steps, which means these machines will be running almost up to the Mass on September 27 in Philadelphia.