Daytrippers: Zip into autumn at Nomads Outdoor Adventure!

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SOUTH WINDSOR -- Tackle a balance beam and take on moving blocks while walking through the trees!

It's all in a day's work at Nomads Outdoor Adventure in South Windsor. The new aerial ropes park features six courses -- some for beginners, others for experienced thrill seekers.

sarahgoodzip2"It covers nine and a half acres," explains Park Manager Angelo Donzell. "Everything is built around the trees, nothing is drilled into them."

Visitors suit-up in a harness to learn the ropes. The "smart belay system" keeps a climber attached to the course at all times.

The mid-level labyrinth is engaging and challenging -- full of peaks and valleys -- but still a safe way for visitors to face a fear of heights.

"It’s different than just a walk through the woods or park," says Donzell.

A more advanced trail features elements involving a skateboard and snowboard. Participants can also ride a saddle across a small body of water. sarahbalancebeam

"The saddle is cool. It doesn’t make it all the way, so, if you want a workout, you end up pulling your own weight across the pond," says Donzell. "I like the jump on black. You’re jumping off a 75-foot platform. A lot of people like that one!"

The ropes park is a new venture for Nomads, known for its companion indoor entertainment center located nearby.

"We’re a family-run company," says Manager Sam Leonardo. "So, we strive for that -- keeping family fun at all times. Even with this; it’s an activity you’ll do as a family."

No doubt, navigating the trees is intuitive, simultaneously relaxing and exciting.

blue"I like it because it is unique and I love the shade," says 9-year-old Vaughn O'Brien.

"It’s definitely unique. It’s thrilling, too. It’s not something I’ve ever really done," says Krista Molusis of South Windsor.

Folks at Nomads Outdoor Adventure are looking forward to a spectacular fall when the trees change color. The park is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through November. Click here for admission prices and information about the Night Climb.