Hartford residents call for change as outsider defeats Segarra in mayoral primary

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HARTFORD--Out with the old, in with the new was the motto on Wednesday night as residents across the state turned out to vote for local primary elections.

In Hartford, Mayor Pedro Segarra was edged off the Democratic ticket by newcomer Luke Bronin. On Thursday, just hours after the upset, Gov. Dan Malloy endorsed the front-runner.

Mayor Segarra's office says he has not yet decided if he will still run as an Independent in the general election. He will likely make the decision in the coming days.

Segarra has been the capital city's mayor for five years.

Some were surprised at the upset, but others weren't. "I mean, the city is dangerous at this point ,and we need someone else in there," one resident said.

Gov. Malloy's endorsement was less of a surprise than the incumbent being pushed out though. Luke Bronin worked as a top aid for the governor for two years, and though Malloy has kept his opinions out of the race thus far, he's not holding back now.

"I've known Luke Bronin longer than the mayor," Malloy said, "and the fact that I stayed out of the race was out of respect to the democratic process in teh community."

As the Democratic Party-backed candidate, Bronin is likely to win the general election. If he moves into City Hall though, he has promises to keep.

"I want Bronin to do what he says he's going to do: bring down the crime rate, increase school funding," one resident said. "If he does that I'm all for him. But if he doesn't, he's just like the rest of them."