Milford firefighters training on jet skis rescue two stranded swimmers

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MILFORD–Training exercises for the Milford Fire Department Rescue team turned into something heroic on Tuesday.

Firefighters were training at Silver Sands State Beach on Tuesday, September 15, on how to use jet skis in rescue situations when a bystander pointed out two people who were in trouble in the water. The victims were clinging to a marker buoy about 500 feet off shore.

The firefighters picked up both people and brought them back to shore on the training jet skis. Both victims were physically OK other than some fatigue from fighting the current.

The victims said they were trying to walk on the sand bar while the tide was covering it, but they realized it was too deep and unsuccessfully tried to return to shore against the current.

Lifeguards weren’t on duty this time of year at the beach.

The Milford Fire Department says it has purchased the rescue jet ski specifically for these types of situation to have a quicker response time to sand bars and rocky areas that boats can’t always access.