Off-campus CCSU students accused of partying too hard, creating neighborhood issues

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NEW BRITAIN--Residents in New Britain's Belvidere neighborhood are accusing off-campus Central Connecticut State University students of partying a little too hard.

"I'm coming out from getting the paper and coffee, and kids [were] throwing pizza boxes out the window and giving me then middle finger when I asked them to pick it up," said Paul, a neighbor who lives on Stratford Road.

Neighbors said the partying has definitely gotten worse this semester, complaining about late-night noise, partying in the streets and property damage.

Omar Arroyo, who also lives on Stratford Road, said business signs and LED lights have been stolen off his front lawn.

"We live in this neighborhood," said Arroyo. "Everyone should be equal. We shouldn't be worrying about how we're going to wake up the next day and see our stuff all around everywhere. It's just, people need to respect."

The issue was addressed at a Town & Gown meeting on Monday night at CCSU. New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart said the city will work closer with CCSU police.

CCSU's Student Government Association is hoping to pilot a program next semester that will employ select off-campus students. The employees would work to connect fellow off-campus students with their neighbors, landlords and back to the university.

Sophomore Derrick Stone said he developed good relationships with his neighbors simply by communicating and being respectful.

"If it gets too late, the music's gotta go, gotta kick a few people out of the house," said Stone. "We don't want any complaints or anything like that. So we try to work with the neighbors as long as they're working with us and we have that common ground."

Mayor Stewart also posted on Facebook after the meeting, saying that the next meeting will be held at the New Britain Police Department and hosted by the city of New Britain.