Former tribal chairman admits to embezzling more than $56K

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NORTH STONINGTON— A former Eastern Pequot Tribal chairman has admitted to embezzling more than $56,000 from the tribe to help a drug-addicted woman pay bills.

The Day reports 49-year-old Brian Geer pleaded guilty Wednesday to larceny. He faces up to two years in prison, but could be granted a suspended sentence if he makes a significant restitution payment to the tribe.

Defense attorney Peter Scillieri says Geer has repaid the tribe about $10,000 since he was arrested in June 2013.

Tribal officials say they’ve been struggling since Geer embezzled the money.

Geer says he used the money to get an apartment for a woman he had known for five years and to pay for groceries, clothing and diapers for the woman’s daughter.

Sentencing has been set for Dec. 10.