Retirement benefit at Hartford Healthcare changing

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NEWINGTON--It's a benefit not every company offers, but Hartford Healthcare does: health coverage to supplement Medicare.

The healthcare system, however, has notified its retirees that the plan is changing.

While Hartford Healthcare claims it will be better, with more choices, Ed Novotasky, 78, of Manchester doesn't buy it. Novotasky believes his premium will jump significantly.

"They said the hospital contribution will no longer exist, but you'll have a chance to go into a variety of plans," Novotasky said sarcastically.

"About 87 percent will be paying at least the same, if not less than what they're paying now," Theresa Buss, Hartford Healthcare vice president of resources for employee benefits, said.

Hartford Healthcare claims plans will better match a retiree's needs, but couldn't say what the costs and coverage would be.