Cold Case: Diedra Dancy

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SOUTH WINDSOR -- On June 10 1990, a group of fisherman were walking down a utility passageway underneath high tension wires off of Pierce road in South Windsor. They stumbled on a gruesome sight, a dead female, she had been stabbed and wrapped in a shower curtain.

Upon police arrival and securing the scene, South Windsor Police identify the body as 19-year-old Diedra Dancy of Hartford. Diedra had been missing for less than 48 hours, so no missing persons report had been filed. Police determined that the crime scene in South Windsor was the secondary crime scene, it is not where Diedra was killed, it was where her body was dumped, in an effort to cover the original crime scene.

Diedra's body had been left outside in the elements for over 24 hours, causing a significant amount of psychical evidence to degrade which is why it is crucial for the public to be involved in the investigation and report any and all information they may have.

An interesting part of this case is that there were a series of murders in the late 80s and early 90s that are very similar to Diedra's. In each case, all women were abducted, murdered and then dumped in a desolate location. Cold Case has previously profiled three of those murders - Patricia Thompson, Mary Shirley and Tamieka Mayo. The suspect in all of these murders is currently incarcerated for 60 years on a different Hartford murder.

Deidra's family is still searching for answers, never forgetting their daughter, still loving and missing her twenty-five years later.

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