Car windows smashed, valuables stolen in New Haven Planet Fitness parking lot

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NEW HAVEN–Police are warning residents after several cars were damaged and broken into.

Around 6 p.m. on October 2, several thefts were reported in the Planet Fitness parking lot, located at 160 Amity Rd.

Police say one of the cars was unlocked, but the other three had their windows smashed so the suspect could gain access.

A credit card was stolen from one car and used at a Target in North Haven; the suspect was able to charge $1,900 before the credit card company began questioning the transactions and froze the card.

This isn’t the first time cars have been burglarized in this parking lot, and police say this is a common crime nationwide. According to police, cars in gym parking lots are common targets because many people don’t trust the security in gym locker rooms, so they leave their valuables in their cars.

Suspects often watch victims put their valuables under the seat or in the overhead visor, and as soon as the victim walks away the suspect knows where to look, making it a quick crime with little time for passer-by to become suspicious.