Construction cost overruns at Yard Goats stadium forces changes

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HARTFORD - The Hartford Courant is reporting that there will be some changes in the new Dunkin' Donuts Park, future home of the Hartford Yard Goats.

Crews are working hard downtown with construction, but now there’s going to be one thing left off the build list: the right field roof. The grandstand roof would run about $305,000 and according to the Hartford Courant, that money needs to be used elsewhere. The decision is part of the developers need to cut down on $4 million to make up for cost overruns in the $56 million budget.

The Yard Goats owners agreed to pay $21,000  to keep automatic toilets in the stadium or toilets that flush themselves.  The team will also pay $34,000 for steel beams on the side of the stadium for signs and sponsorship.

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