‘Scream Queens’ pokes fun at Taylor Swift’s gift to Connecticut boy

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Sometimes, imitation is the best form of flattery. Sometimes it’s not.

On this week’s episode of “Scream Queens,” the show poked fun at a video Taylor Swift posted during the holiday season last year in which she buys presents for her fans, and even visits one.

When Swift stopped by a North Haven Starbucks last November, patrons freaked out, taking pictures with the star while she grabbed a cup of coffee. It turns out, the pop singer was in the state to bring a young boy some holiday gifts.

Swift posted a YouTube video on December 31, 2014 showing her sending gifts to fans across the country, but she felt like she had to deliver the one to Leyton in person.

Back to FOX’s new hit show. On Tuesday, Emma Roberts–who plays Chanel Oberlin–recreated the video that Swift posted of her sending gifts to fans. The videos were nearly identical in structure, starting with a typed message and then turning to the star, followed by the fans. It even shows Chanel sitting in a toy car while holding the family’s hand, just like Swift did.

So watch the video and tell us what you think: Taylor or Chanel?