Paddington visits Connecticut to raise awareness about homelessness

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WEST HARTFORD - A small group of fifth graders listens intently to Sarah Fox's recollections of being homeless.

"It was so humiliating and hard to be out asking for money," says this classroom visitor who remembers sleeping on a beach.

PaddingtonHearing her experience first-hand makes a huge impact on these youngsters from Charter Oak International Academy in West Hartford.

"It feels, like, real," says 10-year-old Aidan Seymour.

The students will be raising awareness and money as they embark on a project to support the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness' be homeful campaign which is rallying families — especially kids and moms — to get involved in eradicating homelessness in Connecticut and nationwide. CCEH is the official charity of Paddington Bear, who is homeless at the start of the story.

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Meet Paddington at this week's Hugs for Homelessness events.