What to expect from ‘Jane the Virgin’ season 2

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Think you saw it all on Season 1 of "Jane the Virgin?"  Think again.

FOX CT's Amanda Raus sat down with Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane.

"I think when we got that first script coming back, that's when I knew the writers were truly brilliant," Rodriquez said. "Jenny in particular, because it's everything you want it to be.  Without spoiling anything, it was everything I want Jane to have to go through.  It's perfect."

She's already been through so much. Inseminated with her dreamy childhood crush’s baby and calling off her engagement to a handsome detective. Jane is caught in the middle of a messy love triangle or should we say square if you count the crush’s ex-wife, Petra.

So who will win out? We’ll have to keep waiting for that one and to see who else will fall in love during Season 2.

Andrea Navedo who plays Xiomara said "one thing we do know, or we've heard, is that there will be two weddings this season, but we personally, the actors, don't know who is getting married, so we're as excited with anticipation as anyone else."

"Jane the Virgin" resumes on October 12. You can catch it every week at 9 p.m. on the CW.