No tipping taken off table at Connecticut restaurants

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MILFORD - Its customary, right? Get a good meal, be served well, and leave a tip.

Well-known NYC restaurateur Danny Meyer wants to start a new custom: no tipping in his restaurant. The servers get a fair, hourly wage – regardless of how well they do their job.

Richard Conine has owned the Stonebridge in Milford for 27 years and thinks it could be a problem for customers, who would rather pay less for food, and give more to the server.

It’s not just the customers that are worried about this new way of pricing. The servers and the bartenders are also wondering if they’re all making the same money – what kind of motivation will there be to do a good job?

"It is like with any job- when they feel that they’re getting paid enough, then, ‘ok i can slack off now’," said  Sam Chasse, a server at Plan B Burger Bar.  "We're always motivated to do well, because our tips – that’s what we live on.”

So far there are no plans for any Connecticut restaurants to adopt Meyer's no-tipping take on dining.

"I  don’t know if the public could handle that," said Conine.

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