Goodwin College helps students pay tuition through the power of rock, jazz and blues

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EAST HARTFORD--For many, college is unattainable because of rising tuition and fees. However, a local college is hoping to keep many students in its lecture halls by using music.

Music means money for Goodwin College in East Hartford, but not just any music. Some of the best in rock, jazz and blues--including Barry Goudreau, Grace Kelly and James Montgomery--took the stage together at the Infinity Theater to raise scholarship money for students at Goodwin.

The very first fundraiser of this type for the school, Brooke Penders with Goodwin tells FOX 61 News, it was desperately needed because of the students Goodwin serves.

“Our students are not traditional," Penders said. "We don’t have residence halls. They’re commuters. They’re about average age, 28 to 30 holding down a job, maybe two.”

With the cost of college continuing to soar, a recent graduate of Goodwin says it was heartbreaking to see some of her peers not move on simply because of money. “There’s a lot of single parents that do this on their own and have to juggle kids, work and schooling," said Lee Housley.

The amount of money raised hasn’t been tallied yet, but supporters say it’s good to know some students will be able to attend school without missing a beat because of this fundraiser.