New Haven Police Dive Team goes hands on for Halloween

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NEW HAVEN -- The New Haven Police Underwater Search and Recovery Team is highly trained in a variety of different aquatic disciplines, but the team has added another talent to tout: pumpkin carving.

For the first time the Dive Team took to the Long Island Sound in search of the Halloween spirit. All 14 members were given a pumpkin and about 30 minutes to make a masterpiece about 12 feet beneath the surface.

"We've never tried it and we figured we'd give it a shot," Sgt. Roy Davis said.

Davis, the Dive Team leader, added that the idea to "carve their niche" underwater has been warmly received. "They're carving pumpkins for two reasons: one, to have fun as a team and enjoy the holiday, and two, to work on underwater diving skills."

After his dive into the Sound off Townsend Avenue, Officer Steve Manware, a 12-year Dive Team vet, emerged with a meticulously carved octopus on his pumpkin.

"We carved all the pumpkins to get in the spirit and have a little dive training on top of it."

The Dive Team says the underwater carving will become an annual tradition.

Sgt. David Guliuzza, who has been on the New Haven Underwater Search and Recovery Team for six years, said, "It's fantastic and we're actually good at it."