Report details what’s in that hot dog you’re eating

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MENLO PARK, Calif. — Believe it or not, there may be meat in your vegetarian hot dog. And it actually gets worse from there. reports about the study from a new start-up company that looks at 75 different food brands.

Clear Food tested samples of 345 hot dog samples.

They found some samples claimed to be kosher, saying they didn’t have pork, when they really did.

Some vegetarian products were labeled with an exaggerated amount of protein.

Human DNA, according to the report, was found in 2 percent of the samples, more than half of which were vegetarian-labelled hot dogs.

In addition, 10 percent of vegetarian samples contained some kind of meat.

However, four companies got the highest scores of 96 including Butterball, McCormick, Eckrich, and Hebrew National.

Clear Labs is hoping to sell its services to companies that supply the food chain and plans to create a division to tell consumers about what’s in the food they buy in grocery stores.

The company now expects to put out a report once a month.