Scattered flooding and trees down throughout the state after heavy rain

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MADISON--The weather has been causing traffic issues all afternoon, and the rain is making things a bit slippery out there.

Route 79 in Madison was closed for several hours due to tree and power lines down in the road, but has since reopened.

There are scattered power outages throughout the state. For the latest info on Eversource outages, click here.

For the latest traffic information, click here.

AAA has also issued a warning to drivers about the dangers of rain when there are leaves on the ground.

"This is a high-risk rainfall because drivers will have limited visibility and even though the roads are not icy, they’ll be exceptionally slippery because of all the leaves" says AAA spokesperson Amy Parmenter.

Part of the danger is that the heavy rain will bring more leaves down off the trees, making the blanket on the road even thicker. It can also block storm drains, especially in urban areas, leading to localized flooding.