Zombies, ghosts and vampires are coming to invade Connecticut!

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HARTFORD–The supernatural is invading Connecticut this Halloween.

Trulia released an interactive unnatural hazards map to warn the public–and especially home buyers!–of the most dangerous places to hide if zombies, ghosts or vampires ever stopped by for a visit, and Hartford is one of the most dangerous zones!

Based (partially) on census data and cemetery locations, Trulia determined that Hartford is the third most dangerous place in the United States to hide from a zombie apocalypse. The Bridgeport-Stamford metropolitan area was close on its heals, landing in fourth.

If you’re afraid of an impending zombie apocalypse, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has some tips on how to prepare and stay safe.

As for ghosts, we’re only marginally safer: Hartford ranked fifth most haunted city.

Hey, at least we’re a little bit more protected from vampires–we don’t make the top 10!

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