60 kids sick, students evacuated from Massachusetts middle school after virus spreads

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Credit: @fox25news

LOWELL, Mass.–Kids were evacuated from schools in Lowell, Massachusetts on Thursday after several students fell ill.

Initially, it was reported that a carbon monoxide leak had caused the evacuation at Sullivan Middle School. However, the fire chief later announced there had not been a leak, and instead it was a possible virus that led to the issues.

In all, Fox 25 Boston reports that 60 kids were sick, and five were sent to the hospital, though no kids were admitted overnight. Students reported smelling rotten eggs and some said that the smell caused a metal taste.

According to Lowell Public Schools, some students experienced nausea and mild respiratory symptoms, and were triaged at the school by a doctor.

Students were then taken to the nearby Reilly Elementary School and dismissed from there.

The fire department examined the building and cleared it.

The school says it is not yet sure what caused the issue, and Fox 25 says that the schools are being scrubbed down. No decision has been made on if classes will be held on Friday.