Audit: NY enrolled dead in Medicaid, offered health coverage

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ALBANY, N.Y. — An audit has found that flaws in New York’s health exchange resulted in 21 dead people being enrolled in Medicaid and 333 getting continuing government-funded health coverage after they died.

The state comptroller’s office said Thursday its auditors found overpayments of $3.4 million for the year starting Oct. 1, 2013. That includes $325,000 for the deceased.

The health department established the exchange and runs it. Auditors say the department also issued multiple identification numbers to some recipients, resulting in Medicaid overpayments of $2.8 million.

The health department says it’s awaiting a new federal system to verify deaths. It confirms 321 people cited in the audit were dead but says four are still alive. It’s checking on the other 29.

The department notes state enforcement efforts in 2011-13 recovered $1.73 billion.