Burlington high school band wants to tour Connecticut for a cure

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BURLINGTON -- A popular high school band named "Little Us" hopes to make a lot of money for Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

The bandmates held a concert at Lewis Mills High School on Thursday night and plan to have the gig be the first of many fundraisers.

"We've always had the idea, we just never had the guts to do it," said lead singer Rithya Claude. He credits his older sister, who is studying medicine, with the idea to do a "tour" of Connecticut high schools.

"We spreading our music and raising money for the children's hospital because we thought like, that was a useful thing to do," Claude said.

Guitarist Alex "Slade" Pearson wants to get other musicians in on the cause.

"Even contact some of the local bands that they have and you know, play a show together with them and we use want to raise money for the children's hospital," he said.

"I'm just kind of curious to see what happens after this," said Claude, referring to Thursday's show.

About 50 people attended, and at $5 a ticket plus other donations, "Little Us" said they raised at least a few hundred dollars.

"We just hope to do the best we can and make as much of a difference as we can," he said.

"Little Us" asked any high school interesting in hosting them or any bands interested in teaming up to contact them on Facebook and Instagram.