Take a walk through ‘Nightmare on Wolcott Street’

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WATERBURY -- It's the time of year to live a little by hanging out with the dead!

creepy"We started off in the basement of our house," says Mike Anderson, founder of Nightmare on Wolcott Street, who moved his Halloween attraction to a spacious building on a main road four years ago. "It just started growing and growing from a couple of rooms to 55 rooms-plus indoors."

It takes about a half-hour to walk through this labyrinth of doom and gloom, featuring about 70 actors lurking around every corner while decked-out in bloody masks and hideous outfits.

Many visitors say: the creepier, the better!

"I liked it because it was fun. I got scared a lot. I like being scared," laughs Caroline Bouteiller, of Cheshire.

"I love scaring people. I love getting a reaction out of people," smiles Anderson. "Come down enjoy the atmosphere. You will get scared! You will enjoy it!"

This ghostly attraction is open this Friday and Saturday night from 6 p.m. to midnight.sign

It will return on weekends at the start of October 2016 with new Halloween props.

Tickets cost $10 each. This attraction is recommended for adults and teens.

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