Third Quinnipiac frat suspended in a year over hazing allegations

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HAMDEN–A Quinnipiac University fraternity has been suspended.

The Beta Theta Pi is accused of hazing, which is against school policy.

Here is a quote from Lynn Bushnell, the vice president of public affairs for Quinnipiac:

The university has issued the fraternity a cease and desist order prohibiting it from operating at the university until the student conduct process is completed. With the safety and security of our students being paramount, the university will simply not tolerate hazing of any kind by any group or individual and will act swiftly to remove from the community those held responsible.

This is the third fraternity on campus to be suspended in recent years for hazing allegations. Sigma Phi Epsilon–better known as Sig Ep–was suspended just one month ago, while Tau Kappa Epsilon–better known as TKE–was suspended in December 2014.