South Windsor man charged from hospital bed for striking Hartford cops with car

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HARTFORD – A man who was shot by a Hartford police officer Wednesday night was arrested and charged from his hospital bed on Friday morning.

Christopher Reh was served an arrest warrant at St. Francis Hospital. He is charged with criminal attempt to commit murder, two counts of assault on police, reckless driving, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and evading responsibility.

The warrant has a $1,000,000 bond.

He will be arraigned Friday afternoon in St. Francis Hospital. Following the arraignment, he will be turned over to the state Department of Corrections.

Hospital arraignments occur when police have a prisoner who isn’t ready for medical release.

Reh was reported missing from South Windsor Wednesday night.

Deputy Chief Brian Foley said Reh was emotionally disturbed, had a knife, and told his mother he was going to “stab police officers.” His mother said he had previously been suicidal and had tried to kill himself in the past by slashing himself.

South Windsor officers put out a silver alert on Reh and gave the heads up to Hartford to be on the lookout. Police pinged Reh’s cell phone, found him on Park Street, and tried to make contact with him.

At around 8:15 p.m. Reh rammed his car into three police cruisers. One of the cars which had an officer in it, and he hit it head-on. He then hit a police officer who was standing in the street. Officer Andrew Nelson Jr., a three-year veteran of the department, then fired his gun several times, hitting Reh.

Reh drove a short distance further and crashed his car into a nearby building. Both Nelson and Reh were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Nelson had a minor head injury and was released after being treated, and Reh suffered two gunshot wounds to the right arm and was listed in stable condition.

The officer who was in the car that was hit head-on, was also taken to the hospital to be evaluated for minor injuries. He was released after being treated.