State police investigating weather vane thefts in Ellington

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ELLINGTON --  State police are investigating the theft of metal weather vanes from a retail store Tuesday.

Police were called to Kloter Farms, located 216 West Rd. in Ellington, at 8 a.m. Tuesday for reports of a larceny. Kloter Farms is a popular family store that sits on 16 acres in Ellington. The store sells everything from patio items, to storage sheds, to luxury living room furniture.

The items stolen included a shotgun weather vane, duck weather vane, a pig with an arrow weather vane, cottage series rooftop horse weather vane, a Victorian arrow weather vane and a Labrador weather vane. All were clear-coated copper of various shapes and sizes.

Pete Welti, one of the owners Kloter Farms, said the thief might be surprised if he tries to sell the weather vanes for scrap metal. "They're copper coated, but the internal structure is not solid copper," Welti said. "If he thought he could sell them for scrap he is definitely wasting his time."

Kloter Farms surveillance cameras captured the crook making off with the decorative weather vanes, which is helping the State Police investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact Trooper Michael Zella at  860-896-3200, x 8099 or email