Turkey prices up due to shortages

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HARTFORD — Some Americans might have a Thanksgiving ham on their table this year. That’s because turkey prices are up around the country, while ham supplies and inventories are at record highs.

The amount of turkey on the market is down due to one of the worst outbreaks of the bird flu in the nation’s history this past spring.

According to a Bloomberg Business report, the avian influenza killed almost 8 million turkeys this spring sending production into a 15-year low. Turkey breast prices, most often used in deli meat, were affected the most. Those prices are up about 40% this fall.

But the smaller, frozen turkeys we buy for Thanksgiving dinners were affected too. This year you can expect to pay around 9% more for those, according to government data.

Experts are suggesting a Thanksgiving ham instead. Wholesale ham prices are the lowest for this time of year since 2009. Prices are down 40% from 2014 and are expected to keep dropping.

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