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New Britain reelects Mayor Erin Stewart, one of the youngest mayors in the country

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NEW BRITAIN--It was a celebration outside of New Britain’s City Hall Tuesday, as Mayor Erin Stewart made history again.

She was voted into a second term, now serving as the Hardware City’s first two-term female mayor. She is also one of the youngest mayors in the country at just 28-years-old!

Dedication to New Britain runs in the family. Stewart was sworn in by her father, former Mayor Timothy Stewart, who served four terms.

“A very proud day for the Stewart family,” Timothy Stewart told the crowd before swearing in his daughter.

Stewart won with 69 percent of the vote in a city in which registered Democrats outweigh Republicans 6-1.

“You have given me a great honor and a great responsibility,” Stewart told the crowd, “and I promise I won't let you down.”

Her first two years in office would have been trying for any leader. Stewart had to call police on Alderman Michael Trueworthy after he went on a drunken tirade in her office. She had to navigate New Britain’s fiscal hole. Not to mention, the New Britain Rock Cats announced they were leaving.

“The first two years were an incredible roller coaster,” Mayor Stewart told FOX 61’s Jenn Bernstein.

She did raise taxes, but New Britain now has a surplus in its rainy day fund. Mayor Stewart also negotiated a new deal to bring baseball back to New Britain. “The Bees” will begin playing in April.

All accomplishments that make her father smile.

“It’s a pretty unique experience for me,” said the elder Stewart. "It’s a proud moment for me, my wife, and our family.”

Many in the Republican Party say she is a rising star, someone who could continue to climb in state politics.

For now though, Stewart says she’ll remain in her home city.

“This isn’t a two year type of thing,” said Stewart, “it’s going to take a lot longer for me to get New Britain where I think it’s going to be. Anything for the future, I’m not going to rule it out. I never expected to be mayor. Who knows what the world has in store for me!”

Stewart will serve another two-year term as the 40th mayor of New Britain.

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