The story of 7 brothers from New Britain who served our country

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TERRYVILLE--Dedication to service doesn't get much deeper than the time served by a Terryville man and several members of his family.

Ed Vetre, 83, served on an aircraft carrier off the coast of Korea during the Korean War.

Two of Vetre's brothers also served at the same time--one in the Army and the other in the Air Force.

Before that, Vetre had four other brothers who served during WWII; one was a tail gunner flying missions over Germany and another fought with the Marines in Okinawa, Japan.

Several different branches of the military make up the Vetre family tree, and on this Veterans Day, Ed Vetre wanted to recognize his parents for their courage.

"My poor mother, she was very religious, she was continuously praying, praying that the boys would come home," Vetre said, sobbing.  "She thought everything was over after WWII and then Korea come along and she was crying that three more of us had to go to war."

The Vetre family included 13 children growing up in New Britain.  Today, only four of the siblings remain.