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Party at the farm: Colorful Thanksgiving turkeys draw thousands to Guilford

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GUILFORD -- These turkeys are giving peacocks a trot for their money.

Bill Gozzi, the third generation owner of Gozzi's Turkey Farm in Guilford is bringing back the time-honored turkey tradition of having multi-colored turkeys on display.

"My grandmother started this back in the 1940s and it just kinda stuck," said Gozzi. "It was something for the neighborhood kids and now thousands of people come to see them.  A lot of people say 'my grandmother took me here when I was a kid and now I come here with my kids.'"

Gozzi won't comment on how the turkeys are colored, saying it's a family secret, but says the process is safe and humane. "We just leave it to the imagination of kids," he said. "They ask a million questions and we just smile and say whatever you think."

The turkeys also aren't slated for the dinner table. They'll be used for breeding.

The turkeys go on display during the first week of November and will be around until December.

For more pictures of the turkeys visit Gozzi's Farms Facebook page.