Connecticut travelers react to ISIS NYC threat

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MILFORD - Several Metro North trains pulled in past their arrival times on Thursday. The delays were blamed on slippery rail lines. Other than that, it was business as usual despite another video from ISIS pointed at Connecticut's backyard: a purported threat Times Square.

The latest propaganda marks the second possible threat to U.S. soil this and makes Akil Tanriguden of Milford wary.

"I don’t feel as secure as much as I used to have," Tanriguden said.

The foreigner said that, unfortunately, is nothing new.

"The country I come from, which is Turkey, we have a threat every day from ISIS and ISIS is threatening people and whatever they say they are doing it," said Tanriguden.

That said, all New York-bound travelers told FOX 61 News they aren't changing their plans.

"Fear can be very paralyzing and I think that’s an effective strategy," said Tyra Rabel of Woodbridge resident. "As proud American, it just goes against everything I believe in regarding this country and what our values are and it’s just not going to affect me that way, I won’t let it."

New York Police have ramped up their anti-terrorism forces for both comfort and precautionary purposes.

"Next weekend during Thanksgiving , I’m scheduled to go into New York but doesn’t phase me at all. I think we’re pretty safe," said Michael Cotella of Orange. "You can’t go through your whole life being scared."

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